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Please Note: Attention future space pioneers! Our Kid Explorer Camp operates on the cutting edge of adventure, where young visionaries unite to embark on thrilling journeys. Please be advised: we meticulously organize campers into squads based on the grade they’ll enter in the upcoming school year, Fall 2024. Dive into our mission and join the ranks of tomorrow’s explorers!

Juniors | 3-4 Years

Our future trailblazers! At our Kid Explorer Camp, we ignite the spark of adventure from the earliest age. Our Junior Explorers, aged 3-4 years, are nurtured by dedicated counselors trained to provide a secure environment for their budding curiosity. Through engaging activities such as swim instruction, sports, games, art, dance, and music, we foster participation, confidence, and above all, fun! Junior groups are inclusive and tailored to specific grades, ensuring a supportive community for all. 

Here are the instructions for payments for the Kid Explorer Club Summer Camp:

Parents approved for the Act for Children grant:

  1. Registration Process:

    • To register your child for the Kid Explorer Club, the completed application, required documents and a minimum deposit of $50 per week and a registration fee of $50 are required.
    • Ensure that the registration fee and the minimum deposit are paid in full to complete the registration process.
  2. Payment Schedule for Act for Children Grant Recipients:

    • Parents approved for the Act for Children grant are eligible for financial assistance.
    • The grant covers a portion of the tuition fees and a Co Payment is assigned ( Kid Explorer Club Corporation does not have any authorization over the decisions of Act for Children)
    • You are required to make a minimum deposit of $50 per week, in addition to the registration fee of $50, to secure your child’s spot in the program.
  3. Payment Deadline for Private Payments:

    • For parents opting for private payments (not covered by the Act for Children grant), the full tuition payment is required.
    • The full tuition payment must be made the Monday prior to the start of the camp.
    • The deadline for payment is Friday at 9:00 AM, ensuring that the payment is processed before the camp begins.
  4. Submission of Payments:

    • Payments can be made through the approved payment methods provided by the Kid Explorer Club.
    • Ensure that payments are made on time to avoid any complications with your child’s enrollment in the program.
  5. Documentation for Act for Children Grant Recipients:

    • Parents approved for the Act for Children grant must provide the necessary documentation to verify eligibility.
    • Ensure that all required documents are submitted to the Kid Explorer Club administration for verification purposes.
  6. Contact Information:

    • For any questions or concerns regarding payments, registration, or the Act for Children grant, please contact the Kid Explorer Club administration.
    • You can reach us at 312.276.9001 during our office hours for assistance.
  7. Important Note:

    • Failure to comply with the payment deadlines may result in the cancellation of your child’s enrollment in the Kid Explorer Club program.
    • It’s important to adhere to the payment schedule and requirements to secure your child’s place in the camp and to ensure a smooth registration process.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to welcoming your child to the Kid Explorer Club!

Please note: campers must be 3-4 years old and potty trained prior to their first day of camp. Let’s embark on this journey of exploration together!


Itty Bitty Physics, where young minds embark on a cosmic journey through the wonders of science at Kid Explorer Club! In this dynamic course designed for our Kindergarten and 1st-grade explorers, we ignite the spark of curiosity through hands-on experiments, exhilarating demonstrations, and interactive learning experiences.
Led by our team of visionary educators, Itty Bitty Physics introduces budding scientists to the fundamental principles of physics in a fun and accessible way. From exploring the mysteries of gravity and motion to unraveling the secrets of light and sound, each session is a thrilling adventure into the world of science.
Through a blend of experimentation and play, our young explorers develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of the universe. Join us at Kid Explorer Club’s Itty Bitty Physics course, where the journey to scientific discovery begins!”


Prepare to embark on a groundbreaking journey into the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with InnoGenius. Our STEM program is designed to cultivate the brilliant minds of young innovators, propelling them towards a future where they reshape the world as we know it.
InnoGenius is not your average STEM program—it’s a launchpad for genius. We believe in the power of imagination, the thrill of discovery, and the potential of young minds to change the course of history. With InnoGenius, youth become the architects of the future, harnessing the principles of STEM to revolutionize industries and solve the world’s most pressing challenges. But InnoGenius is more than just a program—it’s a mindset. We inspire young innovators to think big, to dream beyond boundaries, and to embrace failure as an essential steppingstone towards success. InnoGenius fosters a spirit of relentless exploration, encouraging students to question the status quo, push the limits of what is possible, and forge new paths of innovation.


Searching for a summer day camp that turns learning into an adventure? Look no further! Our innovative program, DiscoveryLab, delves into the wonders of the scientific process, transforming intricate concepts into engaging experiences. We inspire campers to not only enjoy the learning journey but also to embrace mistakes, take risks, and persevere. Amidst a backdrop of outdoor games and water play, this age-appropriate introduction to science introduces captivating themes like kitchen chemistry, spooky science, botany, and forensics. Join us for a week of immersive, hands-on scientific exploration that will leave a lasting impression on your child!  


Get ready to develop your leadership and team building skills while having a blast! Our Multi-Sport Camp is jam-packed with skills, drills, and tons of fun activities designed to cultivate teamwork, positive attitudes, and healthy competition. Our coaches will guide campers of all skill levels and abilities through the basics of soccer, archery, floor hockey, ice skating, gymnastics, basketball, and flag football.  Weekly sport of choice or all 8-10 weeks their passion sport annnnnnnnnnd we “gotta” have “Just Try it Out! Day” sport of choice, but that’s just the beginning! We also incorporate thrilling off-the-run activities such as a big bat homerun derby, dunk contest, and Supersonic, and spice things up with a few rounds of Ga Ga and Capture the Flag.

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