Our Story

Founded by a determined mother with a vision to craft a program where her own child could flourish, Kid Explorer Club began its journey with a focus on reading enrichment. However, it was a pivotal moment of feedback that altered the course of our story. One parent expressed her desire to withdraw her son from the program, revealing that he longed to pursue football after school. Yet, upon learning that this fifth grader was reading at a first-grade level, the founder was deeply moved.  Wonderment took over.  Who is this child and who could he become?  Ahh ha! the secret sauce was created…wonderment mixed with possibility!
In that poignant moment, she grasped the profound challenge this child faced with reading and the emotional weight attached to it. With a sense of determination and empathy, Kid Explorer Club was born—a haven where children could not only learn but also rediscover the joy of learning and excel in sports
 Anchored in academia, our program ensures that all students have daily reading classes, providing them with the tools to excel academically while fostering a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom. This transformative experience sparked a commitment to creating an environment where every child’s potential could be unlocked, setting them on a path to boundless exploration, growth, and athletic achievement.
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