Swim Lessons

We will be offering individual swim lessons at offsite pool location — the perfect opportunity for your camper to continue their pool progress in a one-on-one setting with our swim instructors. In each lesson, campers will work with instructors individually on the skills that they are working on during the day to accelerate their progress, and at the end of each week, parents will receive a progress report on what they worked on in their individual lessons, and what the next steps for improvement are.
Swim lessons will be offered on a daily basis, with six spots available each day. You can register for swim lessons as individual lessons, or in bundles of three, five, and ten lessons. See below for the bundle prices.
We will open up for Swim Lesson registration in mid July— stay tuned, as they’re sure to go quickly!
  • Single Lesson: $70
  • Three-Lesson Bundle: $180
  • Five-Lesson Bundle: $250
  • Ten-Lesson Bundle: $400
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